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Greenway Toner


We offer comprehensive Managed Print Services (MPS) and recycling programs to a wide variety of commercial clients in the healthcare sector. Our managed print service helps you take control of your printing costs, boosting productivity, environmental sustainability and document security. 

Managed Print Service Information:

Greenway Toner uses a non-invasive software solution called Print Tracker to gather meter reads from copiers, MFP's, and printers. In general, installation requires little or no onsite IT involvement. Meter data is passed securely through firewalls using HTTPS protocols, similar to how web browsers communicate with banking websites. Print Tracker is proxy-compatible and does not create security vulnerabilities. The software is used around the world in banks, hospitals, schools -- any place with high security needs.


Why use Print Tracker?

How does Print Tracker work?

Print Tracker first discovers any locally attached devices (printer, fax or scan ports) that are managed by the Windows Spooler service. Devices are queried to determine whether or not they are printing devices. Print Tracker continues by sending out a broadcast to the local network requesting that devices respond. A list of nearby network segments is retrieved and is displayed for the user to designate which segments Print Track is to scan when searching for network devices. Devices responding to Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) will be discovered. These same segments can be periodically and automatically searched to determine if new devices have been installed on the customer's network.

If a device is not automaitcally discovered during the network scan, it can be added manually by clicking on the "Add" button and entering either the Network Name or the IP address of the device. Alternatively, an entire subnet can be searched. When devices that respond to SSNMP requests are discovered, the gathered data is stored in a local database table. When it is time to send the data in a report, the data is sent to the web server using the HTTPS protocol, similar to how browsers communicate with banking websites. All of the data is encrypted before it is sent. HTTPS is a secure protocol. Uploaded meter data is then pulled down from the web server in a separate process, put into an Excel spreadsheet, and emailed out to the email addresses entered in Print Tracker. This process, is fast, generally taking only a minute or two.

Recycling Information:

The partnerships Greenway Toner has built has led us to become one of the truly end of life solution options that effectively and responsibly recycles imaging components such as toner cartridges, ink cartridges, and printer fusers.

Re manufacturing a cartridge avoids the carbon debt take from the original manufacturer in addition to the oil used to create the plastic molding.

Incredible Stats & Facts

True Environmental Impact:

Green House Gas emissions from manufacturing a single mono toner cartridge have been calculated to be approximately 10.5 lbs C02; per cartridge. This is for the cartridge only and excludes the toner inside. The life cycle assessment of toner reveals that the GHG emissions are approximately 16 metric tons per 1 metric ton toner produced. n average a cartridge with a yield of 5,000 pages contains 200 grams of toner. This equals 7.1 lbs of C02 emissions per cartridge.

How We Help:

Through our partnerships, the items that cannot be re manufactured are properly recycled and used as aftermarket products. This combination ensures that we take all necessary steps to responsibly reuse and recycle all products sent in.



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