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Greenway Toner

Case for Zero Waste

Case for Zero Waste

Imagine throwing something out and it instantly disappears, leaving no trail of waste. This is the basic concept of zero waste. Zero waste is the principle to redesign the resource life of all products. It means no trash is sent to landfills or incinerators. By implementing zero waste,  the volume and toxicity of waste and materials discharged to land, water or air that are a threat to planetary, human, animal and our planet's health is effectively eliminated. Zero waste is a waste management and planning whole system approach.

Undoubtedly, everyone would incorporate zero waste into their lifestyles if it were simple for them to do. We have done exactly this for toner cartridges and it is a complimentary service for all that use our products. Given the waste footprint of a single cartridge, through our partners, we have come up with a true, certified, zero landfill initiative. Unlike most others out there, we do not use exporting to other countries or burning the cartridges to achieve zero landfill. Most people don't know or care where their used toner cartridges go once they are disposed of. More likely than not, they are not being disposed of properly. We implore everyone to find out where their used toner cartridges are actually ending up and make the switch to a true zero waste program if needed.

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